Welcome to the Skule™ Music website

The Engineering Society of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto hosts a wide variety of musical ensembles open to members of the university community. Skule Music is currently are home to an orchestra, a stage band, another stage band, a jazz combo, and a brass quintet. The choir, conducted by Malcolm McGrath, beings rehearsals after Thanksgiving. We hold concerts and other events regularly through the year, including Skule™ Music Concert in November, which showcases all of the ensembles. For people who played an instrument in high school, joining an ensemble is an excellent way to keep involved in music. There are many opportunities to meet people, at refreshments after rehearsals, special events, and trips to local concerts.

You may also be interested in auditioning for the Skule™ Nite Orchestra, which accompanies the annual comedy revue in March. And no matter how experienced you are, the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad is always happy to accept new members.

To stay updated on upcoming events and concerts, subscribe to the Skule Music Events mailing list. If you are interested in joining an ensemble or would like more information, send us an e-mail and we will reply promptly.

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